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These pages contain various turned ornaments.  Many of them would also make excellent pull cord weights.

The woods used include Oak, Curly Maple, Curly Poplar, Birch, Honeysuckle, Butternut, and others.


The small, larger and unusual wood ornaments are all solid wood. 

The main section of the hollowed ornaments is hollow.  The Bells are partially to totally hollowed.

All hanging ornaments have the same solid brass screw eye for hanging.  This is 5/16" o.d.  This helps to put the photos in perspective.


Smalls are either really thin or 2 to 3" long.

Larges are 3" and up and can be quite chunky.

Hollows start around 3.5" long and go up to about 8" long.

Bells are 3" or taller.


The unusuals showcase natural flaws in the wood; cracks, insect damage, odd swirling and coloration around knots, retained contrasting sub bark zones.

These are usually more difficult and time consuming to turn. 

Prices range from $3.50 to $40.00 depending on size and complexity.


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